SPALDING TOWN CENTRE: No progress made with shop fronts

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Regarding your article in the Spalding Guardian dated February 15 2012 (‘Everyone treated the same’ over shop fronts’).

That was nearly two years ago and I am concerned that no progress appears to have been made.

South Holland District Council planning committe chairman Roger Gambba-Jones stated in your article that the rules were being broken out of ignorance rather than deceit and that often all it took to rectify the situation was a quiet word with the management.

Since then several more of these (eastern European) shops have opened and we have the same problem of windows covered in posters.

I recently ventured into two of these establishments on Winsover Road and I was not surprised to discover that everything in both shops was from eastern Europe.

I was however horrified to find that the packaging was written entirely in what I think was Polish so there was no way to check the ingredients. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought that food packaging had to be clearly marked to comply with EU regulations.

These shops are obviously aimed at one section of the community. There is no attempt to encourage integration. Which leads me to wonder how on earth they manage to make a living considering that they exclude the majority of the town’s population.

These shop fronts detract from the town’s appearance and discourage people from going into town. I want to see evidence that something is being done to rectify this situation. It looks to me like someone is not doing their job.

Kathy George

via email