Spalding then and now

Double Street in 1960.
Double Street in 1960.
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Double Street as most of us would not recognise it in 1960.

These two views of Double Street demonstrate vividly the changes that have taken place in Spalding over the last 60 years.

One would hardly recognise this as being the same street.

The old warehouses which can be seen on the right of the 1960s photograph above were demolished to make way for a road widening scheme to accommodate the increase in traffic.

It is a pity that those responsible for a traffic management scheme at the time did not have the foresight to recognise that a by-pass around the town was necessary. We may then have been able to retain the warehouses as well as the Ramskin Inn and Berrill’s Department store.

The by-pass was eventually built a few years later.

On the left of the photograph, the back of the old Corn Exchange is visible. There was also a newspaper office which had the football results printed by 5pm on Saturdays, and Ross Porter’s motorbike shop. Only the Lincolnshire Poacher pub, then called The Crane, survives.

On the other hand we now have a splendid view of the river and a wide riverbank which accommodates a footpath, lawns, flower beds and the Spalding Water Taxi landing stage.

Which is preferable – to have open views, riverside amenities and faster traffic or the historic townscape with perhaps much needed residential accommodation from the converted warehouses as was done with great success further down Double Street?

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