Spalding society moves closer to museum dream

Inside the Gentlemen's Society
Inside the Gentlemen's Society
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Spalding Gentlemen’s Society has moved a step closer towards its dream of being a fully functioning museum for the public.

The Society has been awarded the coveted status of full accreditation by Arts Council England.

Achieving accreditation represents the beginning of its ambition plans for an even better museum, with greater public access, improved library and archive resour-ces, and better management of collections.

“We want to bring Spalding’s best kept secret out into the open to be shared with the world at large, said Society chairman Nick Casswell.

“These are exciting developments, so do watch this space as we grow, expand, and become more accessible to the public.

“Our purpose is to foster among the public knowledge, appreciation and study of the arts, humanities and scie-nces, and we look forward to working with local, national, and international interests to further our goals for the future.”