Spalding shopkeeper’s open door to councillors

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A Spalding shopkeeper wants councillors to visit the former Station Gates pub so they can see he is not deliberately flouting their wishes.

Zagros Abdullah was branded “bloody minded” after he replaced a window and brickwork with a new door at the pub, now known as The Corner Shop.

Mr Abdullah says the wider doorway was essential because it was the only way he could get his refrigerated cabinets inside. And, if he puts the building back the way it was, he will have to take out the bricks and the window every time he moves a fridge in or out of the shop.

Original twin doors beside the new doorway lead into an interior brick built lobby, which in turn provides a single doorway into the shop.

Mr Abdullah says the twin doors are useless for bringing in refrigerated cabinets, as are a further stockroom door and an even narrower door at the back of the shop.

Councillors last year threw out Mr Abdullah’s retrospective planning application for the changes.

But Mr Abdullah says he had the work done because a council officer told him it would be all right to go ahead as long as the new door was painted a pale green/grey like the rest – and he made a retrospective planning application to get official consent.

His planning application was then refused by South Holland’s planning committee.

Mr Abdullah’s appeal against the decision failed because, according to the council, he did not supply enough information.

The shopkeeper has put in a new planning application and says he’s willing to replace his new door with “a fixed glazed screen”, even though that will have to be removed when fridges are brought in or taken out of the shop.

A council spokesman said the authority had sent Mr Abdullah an enforcement notice to return the building to its previous appearance, but will now await the outcome of his newly arrived application before deciding any next step.

He said revised plans from the business were required to address the reason for refusal from the original designs. The council had told him to paint the door in the colour that’s there now “but only after he went ahead and installed it” without planning consent.

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