Spalding shop’s secret of success

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A lot of businesses and online shops sell gifts, but sisters Sabina and Hanifa Dungarwalla recognise the importance of having something unique.

At – the online presence and at their shop in Broad Street, Spalding – they have focused on the idea of personalised gifts, such as wines and champagnes bearing pewter labels with bespoke designs developed in-house.

They stock an extensive range of football gifts because they have discovered most people either support a football team or know someone who does.

Hanifa says: “We identified that there are people offering football gifts but not personalised football gifts so that was an area we could develop into.

“The concept of personalisation is very unusual still and people don’t realise what it is. But it is appealing and customers come back again and again because they have seen the range we have and know there is always something for each member of the family. The wines and champagnes are unique.

“We have tried to be unusual and develop products customers can’t find elsewhere and that’s our unique selling point.”