Spalding shop burglaries: ‘Why is it taking police so long to take culprits to court?’

Asgar Vanparekh, co-owner of Classic News in Sheep Market, called for 'bigger penalties' after the manager of the Nasza Biendronka store, also in Sheep Market, was told to pay a total of nearly �2,600 by Lincoln magistrates. Photo by Tim Wilson. SG030615-105TW.

A Spalding shopkeeper counting the cost of four break-ins wants to know why police are taking so long to take the culprits to court.

Classic News bosses Asgar Vanparekh and Abbas Lakmidhar were alerted to the fourth attack on their Sheep Market shop at about 11.40pm on Sunday, November 28.

The police have got all of the evidence, all of the forensics. Now we are in February. How long does it take to prosecute them?

Newsagent Asgar Vanparekh

The brothers-in-law drove over from their Peterborough homes and discovered an upstairs rear window at Classic News was broken but were relieved nothing had been stolen.

Asgar believes whoever tried to raid the shop may have been disturbed by the alarm and fled.

Previously the shopkeepers lost cigarettes worth £2,150 in a break-in on Sunday, January 14 – and, on October 25, lost cigarettes and cash totalling at least £3,000.

The last two break-ins saw intruders coming from the direction of Ladbrokes car park

Asgar said he and Abbas did “some looking around” in the early hours of Monday and believe the intruders are climbing onto a telephone kiosk on Sheep Market to get into Ladbrokes car park, which is otherwise secure.

He said police promised to check CCTV, but he’s still waiting for a result on that and, more frustratingly still, no one has been taken to court for the incidents on November 25 when raiders left behind items that ought to identify them.

“They left behind a mobile phone, crowbar and tools,” said Asgar. “The police have got all of the evidence, all of the forensics. Now we are in February. How long does it take to prosecute them?”

Because no one has gone to court, Asgar says the culprits are “free to do whatever they like”, and free to come back.

Asgar and Abbas have decided to stop storing cigarettes and cash at the Sheep Market shop premises overnight in a bid to deter a further raid.

The two men, who also run Spalding News in Spalding Market Place, are trying everything they can to stay in business in Sheep Market although they have considered giving up the shop because of the ongoing burglaries.

Asgar said: “It makes everything difficult for us, plus it’s costing us money all the time with the alarm system and this and that.

“This keeps happening and we can’t do anything about it. It’s frustrating.”

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said: “In relation to incident 4 of January 29 we have visited the premises and searched the scene.

“House to house enquiries have been conducted and we have also spoken to other businesses.

“We are investigating any CCTV that may cover the area.

“This follows a previous incident earlier in January on the 14th and two incidents in October. A 32-year-old man was arrested in relation to the latter incident and released with no further action. We would appeal to anyone with information, anyone who saw or heard any suspicious activity, to come forward.”

• Anyone with information on any of the raids can call Lincolnshire Police on 101.

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