Spalding’s new attraction

The ducklings
The ducklings
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The latest news from our girl about town

Spalding has a very appealing new tourist attraction – in the shape of a Muscovy duck and her 11 adorable ducklings. They can be seen frequently on one side or other of the river near High Bridge in Spalding. Angel hasn’t spotted mum walking her brood of three yellow and eight brown and yellow spotted ducklings over the bridge, but can’t imagine they could make that big journey up the bank by themselves. Every time they are seen they are being fed, so getting plenty of food to help keep them warm, but hopefully mum (or dad, who hasn’t been seen by Angel near the ducklings) is supplementing their diet of white bread with some healthy fish or snails.

* Angel had to laugh as she listened to a couple talking about their latest acquisition – a smart meter. They can now monitor electricity use and it’s leading to arguments of the ‘Do you realise how much that shower/clothes wash/cup of tea cost?’ kind. Get ready everyone, as Angel believes we’ve all got that to look forward to by 2020.

* Angel was very excited this week to hear that her nine-year-old niece had a boy “friend” round for the day.

She knew Mum was serving up pizza and doughnuts and that the youngsters would be playing with the puppy, but as the day went on she rang up for a progress report.

“Oh, they’re in the bedroom listening to a Les Miserables CD,” said mum. Classy kids these days.

*During a visit to the wonderful Beijing Express Chinese restaurant in Gedney on Saturday evening, Angel was left wondering where some people put all the food.

As it was an £18-a-head eat all you can menu, Angel was determined to give it a go and eat all she could... although wary that she would have to pay full whack for anything she left.

She was quietly content at getting through two starters, a wrap and a main course, but noted two elderly couples across the room who had dish after dish.

They were eating when she arrived, hardly paused to chat while she was there and were receiving more dishes as she left. They’re made of tough stuff these old ’uns.

* Top marks for perseverance for the singer at the Long Sutton and Lutton cricket barbecue held at Lutton’s Jolly Crispin pub on Sunday evening. Angel only knows her as “Michelle” but she belted out great tunes while all the time clearly in pain after a leg injury.