Spalding’s forgotten home front recalled

The Edwardian Garden Party needs you!
The Edwardian Garden Party needs you!
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This weekend’s Edwardian Garden Party is the first of a series of events commemorating the centenary of the First World War.

Future plans include an exhibition in 2016 looking at the war and how it affected local families, and then in 2018 hopefully some kind of celebration marking the end of the war 100 years ago.

However, museum officer Julia Knight particularly wanted the focus of the first event to be on everyday life of people living in Spalding at the time.

That might be the experience of farmers, female family members who never married because a generation of men were wiped out, or stories and objects relating to the home.

Julia says: “It’s often forgotten that the war affected women as much as men. They were widowed and that was catastrophic, and they had to learn to cope alone.

“So items relating to the home and women will be on display and we will try and collect as many local stories as we can for the Book of Remembrance. That book will become part of the permanent collection and will be as valuable an historic artefact as anything else in the museum.”