Spalding’s community history project

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Geoff Taylor would like to get people in the community involved in the mystery surrounding subterranean Spalding.

He hopes that home owners who have been involved in a restoration project that has thrown up something unusual will get in touch.

He said: “It seemed to me it would be a bit of fun, but out of it I have discovered a house in Double Street that has got a lovely vaulted basement.

“Hopefully, if I do this sort of investigation, people will come forward with titbits of information that will help us. It’s like involving the community in a history project.”

Geoff would also like to hear from anyone with evidence of the exact location for Spalding’s priory, as he says no one really understands where it was.

Then there’s the spring in Spring Street, the course of the old Westlode River, the skeletons allegedly discovered when the Santander bank building was being modified, and chambers under the old Corn Exchange.

If you have information for Geoff so that he can pursue these lines of enquiry contact him on 07960 587724 or email