Spalding’s Bedford Place in the 1960s

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Bedford Place as it looked in the 1960s.

There was also Pilkington’s pork pie bakehouse and Donnington’s warehouse selling crockery and paints, now converted to flats.

Since then, all the cottages have been demolished to make way for the Vine Street car park, as shown below.

In the background of the car park are the offices of South Holland District Council, which were an extension of the Spalding Rural District council offices, built in the 1950s. These had been built behind St Peter’s Church, which had to be demolished to allow for the new extension.

So when there is the will to demolish buildings in the form of progress it will be done, as for example the demolition of the old Town Hall in the 19th century, the replacement of the Corn Exchange in the 20th and the demolition of the tax offices in the 21st.

So why are the redundant Johnson Hospital and the Bull and Monkie still standing?

These are on prime sites in the town and could either be refurbished for apartments (the Johnson Hospital) or demolished and used for either affordable housing or retirement homes (the Bull and Monkie).

Instead of which developers are being encouraged to build new homes in the flat fenland windy countryside on A1 agricultural land which might be vital to feed future generations. We should be using up the ‘brown field’ sites first.

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