Spalding reunion for Burma Star veterans

From left   Keith Seaton, Arthur Branch and Jack Mills.
From left  Keith Seaton, Arthur Branch and Jack Mills.
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Burma Star veterans from Holbeach and Spalding were reunited at the Ayscoughfee 1940s Weekend.

It is a decade since the two members of the Burma Campaign – Arthur Branch (96), of Spalding, and Jack Mills (95), of Holbeach – last met.

However, their friendship was renewed at the more serious side of the 1940s Weekend held in Ayscoughfee Hall gardens in Spalding, the annual VJ Day Remembrance Parade and Service.

There was no need for Keith Seaton, who was acting as standard bearer for the local branch of the Malaya & Borneo Veterans’ Association at the parade, to make introductions.

The two veterans of the Burma Campaign instantly recognised each other.

Interestingly, the two have more than war experiences in common as they were both born in the small village of Haconby, near Bourne, in adjoining houses on the same farm.

Jack, who got in touch to tell us about the reunion, said: “Arthur’s father was the corn stacker on my father’s farm, and built all the beautiful stacks by hand.

“On one occasion I remember him giving me 2d (less than one new pence) to go to the village shop to buy a packet of five Woodbine cigarettes!

“The meeting was a great surprise for us both.”