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They've 'bin' a long time coming ...

Paddy Dunham with new bins in Spring Gardens Spalding.
Paddy Dunham with new bins in Spring Gardens Spalding.

Residents of Spring Gardens, Spalding, are celebrating the arrival of official council litter bins after a four year battle to get them put back in the street.

In January, we wrote about a mystery clean-up campaigner leaving orange buckets along the street to combat the rising tide of rubbish.

Window cleaner Paddy Dunham, who lives in Spring Gardens, believed then the council had removed its bins because they were mounted on poles owned by an electricity company who wanted to charge rent.

He described the street as "a pig sty" and said beer cans were blowing around at night "like the tumbleweed in Texas".

Mr Dunham said then: "The council should put the bins back for a start, they took them away. If there's no bins there, there's no chance of anyone putting any rubbish in them."

He said the new bins were overflowing for a start because the council wasn't emptying them but now they are being emptied and the street looks better.

Mr Dunham told us: "It's really good we have bins in our street at last. Why it took so many years I have no idea.

"I think the council were shamed into acting after a young chap decided to put out bins along the street.

"It may be too much to ask but can they stretch to a dog poo bin that I was promised a few years back?

"Now the bins are being emptied the street is a lot tidier.

"You can't stop all of the litter - some people seem to want to live like that.

Mr Dunham said dog poo on is an ongoing problem with owners failing to pick up after their pets.

Ward councillor Graham Dark chased up residents' requests for bins and is pleased some have been installed.

He and fellow ward councillor Jack McLean are tackling litter problems in nearby Green Lane, where Coun Dark says people passing through throw down their rubbish.

Coun Roger Gambba-Jones, South Holland District Council's portfolio holder for place, urged anyone requesting a street litter bin to visit the council website, and said that's all Mr Dunham need have done.

He said there is no need for Spring Gardens to have a dog poo bin because people can place dog poo in the normalbins.

Coun Gambba-Jones said it's not always straightforward for the district council to put up litter bins because it needs consent from other authorities.

He said: "The county council can be very instransigent about allowing us to put anything on their real estate."

To apply for a bin or report a litter problem, visit www.sholland.gov.uk and click on the "report" tab.

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