Spalding resident suffers 15 months of anti-social behaviour hell

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A WOMAN has been left “angry, frustrated, tired and vulnerable” after a 15-month nightmare of booze-fuelled and threatening behaviour outside her Spalding home.

Attempted break-ins and vandalism are some of the entries in a diary of misery kept by Fiona Miller since moving into her Double Street home in March 2011.

The misery started two months later when vandals tried to rip lead off the roof over the front door and late night anti-social behaviour has been taking place ever since.

Miss Miller (33) said: “There have been ongoing problems with anti-social behaviour but it seems to have got worse with late evening drinking.

“I began to keep a rough log of things that happened but more recently I have been noting down actual dates as the frequency of antisocial behaviour became more than I felt was acceptable.

“I’ve experienced vandalism and attempted break-ins, a lot of it I’m quite sure alcohol-fuelled, and I’m absolutely fed up of it all.”

Miss Miller has had her fence broken three times, found graffiti on her garage and fence three times and suffered two attempted break-ins – all in the last 15 months.

She said: “When it happens, I do think I would like to just pack up and move.

“But I love where I live and why should I move when I haven’t done anything wrong?

“I’m angry that I can’t just go to bed and expect to sleep, frustrated that the problems don’t seem to actually stop, tired after losing a couple of hours in the middle of my night’s sleep and vulnerable because I can’t approach the people engaging in this behaviour as they are under the influence and in a group, usually all men.”

Miss Miller hopes our We’ve Had Enough campaign, with about 500 responses so far, is a step towards tackling the problem that is ruining her life.

She said: “I’ve had enough for quite a while so when I heard about the campaign, I thought ‘at last, something’s being done’.”