Spalding resident: ‘If street lights cost so much, why is one of ours on in the day time?

Library picture: Spalding is about to be switched to part-time night lighting.
Library picture: Spalding is about to be switched to part-time night lighting.
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A resident of Spalding’s Fen End Lane has been left fuming because a nearby street light has been left on during the day for two or more months.

The resident, who asked not to be named, spoke out as Lincolnshire County Council is switching off thousands of street lights to save cash.

“It’s crazy,” he said. “It’s on during the day and nothing’s been done about it. I don’t know if the people living next to it have complained because it’s right outside their bedroom window.”

The resident continued: “It’s not causing any nuisance to me but I think it’s so ridiculous.

“Why do I have to pay my rates to have a light on during the day time?”

Lincolnshire County Council says it knows about the faulty light and it will be repaired when it visits Spalding next month to introduce what it calls “part-night lighting”.

The council is also converting lights to less costly LEDs.

Richard Hardesty, the county council’s street lighting senior project leader, said: “We’re aware of the faulty light on Fen End Lane, and it’s due to be fixed in the next few weeks when we visit the area to introduce part-night lighting.

“We’re not charged by the electricity companies for the extra energy used because of such faults.

“We have already carried out the LED conversions in Spalding.

“The crews working on the part-night lights are currently in Stamford and Bourne, and are due to be starting in Spalding during December.”

• As previously reported, a £6.4million project will see 3,000 lights switched off completely, another 38,000 switched off overnight for six hours and 17,000 swapped for low-energy, dimmable lights.

Last month, Coun Richard Davies, the council’s executive member for highways, said: “The council’s budget has been cut by more than £100 million over the last few years and we have a further estimated budget shortfall of £57 million next year.

“We simply cannot afford to do everything we have done in the past and it is a fact that streetlights are expensive, with many of them not needing to be on during the early hours of the morning.

“All they are doing is burning taxpayers’ money and the evidence shows that by turning these lights off at times when there is less traffic, we can save money without affecting the majority of road users. By saving money in this way, we can protect other vital areas like the pothole budget.”

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