Spalding rail site works to be completed by the end of January

  • Carillion’s work for Network Rail continues for the time being ...
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Works continue to restore land opposite Spalding’s Johnson Community Hospital after a compound was set up so the railway bridge over Vernatt’s Drain could be replaced in October.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “Workers are still on site. In a nutshell, before the bridge replacement took place, we needed to create a solid platform on the ground where the compound could be set-up, so this involved removing some of the grass and the soil and laying down some stone.

“Now the cabins and the stone have been removed, we are carrying out work to get the field back to normal. This will be completed by the end of January.”

Network Rail hasn’t confirmed whether construction giant Carillion was involved in the project.

A statement issued by Network Rail on Thursday says: “Carillion’s work for Network Rail continues for the time being as Network Rail works with the official receiver and special manager to ensure the continuity of its project work.

“Passengers can be reassured that their services will be running as normal today as Carillion’s work for Network Rail does not involve the day-to-day running of the railway.

“Our aim is to ensure, as far as possible, that this news has as little impact as possible on our projects to grow and expand the railway network.”

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