Spalding radio station interviews war veteran

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A regular column from Tulip Radio’s Jan Whitbourn.

After being called up for national service at 18, Ken Willows has experienced more than his fair share of a world at war.

His extensive knowledge of military aircraft takes second place only to his love for preserving the memory of Lincolnshire’s service men and women.

Ken’s military career started with initial training at Sobraon Barracks, Lincoln, before moving to Warwickshire to become a non-commissioned officer, and rejoining his battalion in Germany.

Meeting his future wife during his time in the RAF, he decided to settle back in rural Lincolnshire to adjust to civilian life after the conflict.

Ken spoke fondly of his time in The Lincolns.

He also spoke of his memories of the time he spent guarding Spandau Prison during the stay of Rudolph Hess after WW2, and also of the friendships he developed while serving.

Ken still regularly meets with fellow soldiers and helps keep the flame alive for those whose pasts were spent at war, away from normality.

Their ability to overshadow the memories of hardship with accounts of fun and camaraderie is admirable beyond compare.

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