Spalding radio station and its youngest presenter

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A regular column by Tulip Radio’s Jan Whitbourn.

Luke Williamson is 15 years old and has become a presenter here at Tulip Radio.

He certainly has excelled himself and we are very proud to have him here. Luke has been with us since last October and learnt so much that he can now do most shows that are given to him. In the beginning we wondered if he would stay as he was so quiet and unsure of what he wanted to do; we are very pleased to have Luke with us as part of the team.

Luke is mainly interested in journalism and didn’t realise how similar working at Tulip Radio would be. He wasn’t planning on staying long with us as it took him so long to be ‘live on air’. After six months we encouraged him to record a show so he could listen to himself, and he was soon getting into all the different shows.

Luke was nervous, as is everyone when they first join Tulip Radio to be a presenter, but he finally relaxed and is so natural when presenting he will make you smile. He now makes the shows his own and has his own patter to get the community involved.

As Luke’s main ambition is to become a sports journalist he joined the sports team on Saturday afternoon’s Sports Show. Luke is really knowledgeable and makes the show interesting. He plays football and is a very confident young man when presenting; you can tell he loves his sport.

Luke said: “I can talk about every sport confidently now, and this helped me to improve my other shows because I felt I was getting better because of my knowledge of sport.”

Luke meets challenges we set him head on and is a great asset to Tulip Radio. We, like his family, are very proud to have him on board. Have a look at our schedule on to see when Luke is next on.