Spalding ‘pupcake’ maker cooks up ‘pupcorn’ for dogs

Emily Wadsworthgives her labrador one of her other delights - liver puree cakes
Emily Wadsworthgives her labrador one of her other delights - liver puree cakes
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A canine confectioner from Spalding has added the ultimate low-fat treat to her ever-expanding repertoire – Pup-corn.

Emily Wadsworth, who launched her dog bakery the Canine Cupcake Kitchen, last September, pops the corn herself using olive oil before flavouring it with chicken or beef.

Pupcorn ANL-150716-112615001

Pupcorn ANL-150716-112615001

Since she began making her new product earlier this month, 40g bags have been flying off the shelves as her canine customers just can’t get enough.

“It’s just gone bananas!” laughs Emily, who came up with the idea of making her own while looking for ideas for new products.

“I just thought I could do that, so I gave it a go. It’s made just the same as you would for your family if you were having a movie night – although 
rather than frying the kernels in butter, I use olive oil, which is in-keeping with my low-fat ethos, and then I flavour it with beef or chicken.

“My dog tried some, I tasted it too – it’s really good and so far it’s proving really popular!”

Emily – who also makes and sells celebration cakes and cookies for dogs in a variety of flavours including bacon, cheddar cheese, carrot and coconut oil, plus gluten-free varieties – sells her Pup-corn treat for £1.50 per bag.

Another of her current best-sellers is a banana-bomb – a whole-wheat and banana baked dumpling.

All her recipes are made from natural ingredients and are sugar free, low in salt and dairy free. Wherever possible she uses local ingredients and packs her products in recyclable packaging.

Although the business isn’t yet a year old, Emily is delighted with its success and the support from her 
customers – to the extent she has slowed down production of cakes for her human customers sold through her cakery business.

“The canine bakery has really taken off, so I’ve virtually stopped doing human cakes, other than for customers who have used me before, or who have a special request.

“I’m selling my products at a lot of dog shows, school fetes. Everyone has been really helpful and supportive. I was ready to expand. I’m looking at new ways of marketing myself and am really excited to see where it all goes,” she added.

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