Spalding pub landlord considering appeal on Licensing Panel verdict

Pete and Steph Williams at the Punchbowl. (SG161117-201TW)
Pete and Steph Williams at the Punchbowl. (SG161117-201TW)
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Spalding pub landlord Pete Williams is considering an appeal after a Licensing Panel decided to remove him from being the ‘designated premises supervisor’ at the Punchbowl and to impose conditions on the pub licence.

The panel met on Thursday and heard evidence behind closed doors from the police and Mr Williams.

Lincolnshire Police requested a review of the premises licence following an incident on January 11 in which a man was allegedly injured.

Following the hearing, Mr Williams keeps the premises licence.

The panel’s decision to remove him from being designated premises supervisor and to add conditions to the licence – including the employment of SIA registered door staff and stipulations on CCTV cameras – cannot take effect until 21 days have elapsed following the date of the hearing.

The landlord has a right of appeal to the Magistrates’ Court by giving notice to the court within those 21 days and the police have the same right of appeal.

No details of the alleged assault have been made public and no one has been charged.

Mr Williams says he’s considering putting forward his wife, Steph, as a possible future designated premises supervisor.

He said the pub already meets the panel’s stipulations on CCTV but those have not previously been conditions of the licence.

The panel also stipulated that there “shall be a minimum of two SIA registered door supervisors on duty from at least 10pm until closing time on every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday that the premises operates beyond 11pm”.

Mr Williams said in the past he has elected to have door staff “when necessary” and, again, that has not been a condition of his licence.

• The family decided on Christmas Day to quit the pub and sell up.

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