Spalding psychologist critical of disconnected society

Chartered counselling psychologist Glenys Bower-Macer.
Chartered counselling psychologist Glenys Bower-Macer.
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Spalding chartered counselling psychologist Glenys Bower-Macer sounds a warning about mental health issues society may be storing up for the future.

She says we are living in what she calls a “disconnected society”.

Glenys says: “Kids are not playing outside, but (are playing with) virtual reality. One hears tales of children in the playground texting each other rather than talking to each other.

“In Spalding we now have houses of multiple occupancy as well as lots of people living alone, and a lot of older people are living alone.”

She adds: “People have so many misconceptions about mental health, but it is so common. One in four people has had or will have or is having some form of mental health issue, and that’s a lot of people.

“There is still such a stigma attached to it. People don’t talk about it and don’t understand it, and because it’s not talked about it becomes very scary.”

Glenys is currently holding just one session a week, on a Tuesday afternoon, at Tonic Health – behind the Job Centre in Westlode Street – but says this will increase to meet demand.