Spalding off-licence boss: “We’re not selling smuggled goods”

Super Sam at 24 Commercial Road in Spalding. SG170816-137TW
Super Sam at 24 Commercial Road in Spalding. SG170816-137TW
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The boss of a Spalding mini-market and off-licence denies keeping smuggled goods at his premises.

Police have asked for a review of the licence to sell alcohol at Super Sam, of 24 Commercial Road, because they say two 
licensing objectives – the prevention of crime and disorder and public safety – are being undermined.

In an application for a 
review, made in the name of Chief Constable Neil Rhodes, police say: “Lincolnshire Police have obtained evidence which indicates the management of these premises have been operating in such a manner as to undermine these licensing objectives by the keeping of smuggled goods on the premises.”

The application for a 
review does not spell out what type of smuggled goods are 
alleged to be kept at the shop.

Super Sam boss Faraidun Abdulla says a single packet of cigarettes was sold without his knowledge or consent at the time by a member of staff while he was away on holiday.

He says the woman, who has been sacked over the incident, sold the cigarettes to a fellow East European who spoke the same language and because the member of staff didn’t have change at the time she took £5 from the till to give to the customer.

Mr Abdulla doesn’t stock or sell cigarettes and claims police searched his shop for two to three hours and didn’t find anything.

He said: “I don’t want trouble with the police. I really apologise but apologies don’t help.”

Mr Abdulla believes the former member of staff had been to Europe and was selling cigarettes bought during that trip on eBay and Facebook – and says it’s something that many people do.

He says officials visited his shop – he doesn’t know whether they were police or trading standards – and claims they took away with them some of his CCTV recording equipment and believes they should have only removed taped footage.

South Holland District Council is the licensing authority and says the premises trading under the name Super Sam has not been under review before.

A spokesman said: “We are in the representation stage – with the last date for representations being September 7. A date has not been set yet for the review.”

• Police had not had time to look into comments made by Mr Abdulla and release a statement at the time the Spalding Guardian went to press yesterday evening.