Spalding nightclub adopts new safety measures after alleged attacks

Drinks are only served in plastic glasses now at Loaded nightclub in Westlode Street, Spalding
Drinks are only served in plastic glasses now at Loaded nightclub in Westlode Street, Spalding
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Alleged attacks with beer bottles and glasses have prompted police to ask Loaded to use plastic for all drinks served.

Police also asked for a CCTV upgrade at the Westlode Street premises so pictures are good enough to be used in evidence.

Police have drawn up a formal application for the new safety measures to be incorporated in the club’s licence at a review by South Holland District Council’s licensing panel early next year.

Loaded boss Matt Clark, director of ActivLeisure, insists the club has already introduced the safety measures – and the review is simply a formality to “solidify our current working practices and not a demand for us to take further action”.

Writing on behalf of Lincolnshire Chief Constable Richard Crompton, licensing officer PC Paul Wade says in the review application: “This premises stands out amongst all other licensed premises in South Lincolnshire for having the highest number of recorded incidents of assault over the past year.”

His report lists seven alleged acts of violence at the club during October and November.

Two women were allegedly subjected to glass attacks by the same man on October 1 – the first was struck on the head by a bottle thrown in the club and the second was left with a deep gash above her right eye when a glass was thrown. Both went to hospital and a man was arrested and charged.

On October 31 a victim had a gashed forehead in an alleged bottle attack and another was allegedly attacked on November 7, receiving cuts when hit in the face by a glass.

The report also says a customer received a blow to the face during an argument, outlines an alleged assault when someone was punched and pushed against a window and a fight in which a young man sustained a head injury.

The report also says the club was still open with customers upstairs at 3.40am on Sunday, November 14.

PC Wade says: “After being spoken to they took a further ten minutes to clear the club, eventually closing the doors at 3.50am.”

The club’s advertised ‘Saturday’ closing is 3am the next day.

PC Wade’s report says: “This application seeks to address the licensing objectives of the prevention of crime and disorder and public safety.

“Lincolnshire Police require the premises to adopt, with immediate effect, the use of polycarbonate drinking vessels throughout all public areas to negate the risk of injury to future assault victims.

“Investigation of the recent assaults has also revealed the inadequacy of the installed CCTV system at the premises which cannot provide images of a quality adequate for evidential purposes.

“Licensing officers have liaised with the premises licence holder who has now introduced polycarbonate drinking vessels at the venue and is seeking to upgrade their CCTV system.

“This review is to request the licensing authority to formally put these measures into licence conditions to ensure that Loaded continue to use polycarbonate drinking vessels for the safety of their customers.”

Mr Clark says he has not seen a copy of the police application and cannot yet comment in detail or comment on individual incidents.

He said: “However we will comment that these are ‘alleged’ incidents at this time.”

Mr Clark says the club has a positive working relationship with the police and has already taken all necessary steps to satisfy the police concerns.