Spalding man warns of scam callers who want you to log on to your internet bank account

Scammers are claiming to be from TalkTalk.
Scammers are claiming to be from TalkTalk.
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A Spalding pensioner is warning residents not to fall for hoax calls from scammers claiming to be from broadband and phone providers TalkTalk.

Dave Gibson (70) says he nearly fell for the hoax when he had the first call at the weekend because the caller told him someone had hacked into his router and he was due £200 compensation.

He told us: “Then they said ‘would you log onto your bank account?’ and I said no.”

Dave reported the incident to TalkTalk and was given a number to call to block the phone numbers used by the scammers, but says the calls kept coming through from different phone numbers and he’d had nine by today (Thursday) – including two this morning.

Since that first call, he’s cutting off the hoaxers soon after they start speaking.

“I just ring off and then block the number,” he said.

Dave said the first phone call had seemed convincing to start with because he had previously had router problems but TalkTalk had replaced the device.