Spalding man’s fascination with WW2

World War 2 memorabilia connected to Richard Maddison.
World War 2 memorabilia connected to Richard Maddison.
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Chris Chandler’s World War 2 collection began with an RAF badge given to him by his grandfather.

That began an interest in World War 2 which became a passion when Chris met veterans and attended reunions with them, including regular trips to Arnhem where his uncle was shot down.

His fascination with those years has grown as he has learned more. Something that impresses him is the way the whole country pulled together and the level of secrecy surrounding the war.

He jokes: “You couldn’t have an invasion of Normandy any more because of Facebook and the internet.”

Chris shares parts of his collections with four museums and creates displays at air shows around the country.

Locally, he gives talks to schools and groups, and is hoping to stage something at Ayscoughfee Hall Museum later in the year.

Tomorrow, on the 70th anniversary of VE Day, Chris hopes to join commemorations going on in London.

Naturally enough, he’ll be dressed appropriately for the occasion, in a World War 2 war correspondent’s uniform.