SPALDING: Let’s open places that appeal to all

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I recently read one of the most appalling comments on your website I have ever read this year and I am really quite upset, disgusted and furious at the same time.

This quote is from Dennis Hannant, town centre manager: “As for concerns about the new eastern European shop selling alcohol.

We don’t need any more eastern European stores full stop

“If there was just one in town the people who street drink and urinate in people’s gardens would be queuing up outside it.

“Shops need the alcohol to make them pay. Would residents rather there were 24 empty shops?”

This was in response to a fellow resident’s concerns about the state our once-beautiful town is in and the fact yet again one of our historical buildings and, yes, another pub, is being turned into a convenience store selling alcohol.

The Peacock pub is a convenience store selling alcohol – there are far too many and we don’t want or need anymore.

We don’t need any more eastern European stores full stop – our supermarkets stock their goods and alcohol together in their own aisles as it is, so why have we the need to have these stores in the first place?

They are an eyesore, a mess and don’t blend into the surroundings, certainly are not in keeping with the town’s flora and fauna. In any case who are these shops conveniencing – certainly not local Spalding folk?

If this is the kind of attitude our own town centre manager has then we all may as well shut up shop and move out – perhaps over to Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria or Romania, urinate in their streets, work shifts, drink till we are so drunk we don’t know what we are doing let alone where we are, and still drive to work.

These people would be better off trying to integrate with us – learn our language, respect our customs.

Look at the children. They don’t see a problem because the next generation are learning together, but most of the adults just don’t want to be part of Spalding at all.

As for the comment about ‘would we rather have 24 empty shops?’. Of course we wouldn’t, but let’s open shops which appeal to us all, not the minority or is it majority now!

Mr Hannant, if this is all you can do and say to help pick this town up I would stop right now and hand in your notice.

Yours really disgusted.