Spalding hydroplane engineer in 1916

Fred Westmoreland, his model and the award he won in 1916.
Fred Westmoreland, his model and the award he won in 1916.
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Former Spalding resident Fred Westmoreland spoke about his model hydroplane that broke miniature boat records in 1916.

Fred, son of Mr and Mrs Westmoreland, of Westlode Street, Spalding, was visiting his family home when he spoke to a reporter from these newspapers.

Following an apprenticeship with the late Mr W R Massey, a well-known Spalding engineer, Fred went to work elsewhere, but always had a workshop where he carried out experimental work, building model engines of various types, one marine engine winning prizes.

He then made a model petrol aeroplane, which he turned into a hydroplane, to attack the world record for speed in the miniature boat world.

After experimentation, Fred produced a steam-driven model hydroplane called Evil Spirit that could achieve just over 25 miles an hour, a world record, and which earned Fred the Model Engineer’s silver medal and certificate. The hydroplane later made a world record for distance, covering just under two miles, the fastest lap at 26.9 miles per hour.