Spalding homes, schools, shops and businesses hit by flash floods

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Half a dozen or more Spalding homes were flooded yesterday (Thursday) during a storm and torrential rain.

Low Fulney had the worst of it and fire engines were called in to pump out Mallard Road, where the street looked like a river and two or more inches of water stood inside people’s homes.

Mallard Road in Spalding looking like a scene from Venice. ANL-160617-102418001

Mallard Road in Spalding looking like a scene from Venice. ANL-160617-102418001

Nearby horticultural business Butters was badly affected, sending around 100 people home from its Kellet Gate factory and closing its shop.

But many workers returned to help the clear-up during the evening so work could continue as normal today and the shop could reopen.

Schools and other businesses in the area were also hit.

Mallard Road resident Chris Parrish last night emailed pictures of his street, which resembled a scene from Venice.

Chris said: “This was the sight outside my house down Mallard Road this afternoon once the downpour had ended.

“It’s also not the first time this has happened, it happened around four-five years ago as well, but this time was much much worse, whereas last time only one house was flooded this time there were half a dozen or more houses flooded, all with two or more inches of water in them.

“There was also water bubbling up from under the road through the cracks.

“The dykes around the area were all full to the brim as well so the fire brigade had to wait for them to go down before they could start pumping, which they have now been at for around five hours or so and there is still two-plus inches of water in numerous places.”

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue sent fire engines from Spalding and Long Sutton to pump out water in Mallard Road and also called in a high volume pump from Grantham Fire Station.

Spalding High School was also hit by flash flooding and cancelled a Year 7 taster evening, which around 150 primary school pupils were due to attend.

The school has not commented on the incident or said if any pupils were sent home during the day.

Sir John Gleed School head Will Scott said there was some water inside his school but pupils were moved to other classrooms to continue their education and no one had to be sent home early.

The storm hit Spalding at around 1.30pm and there was torrential rain for about an hour.

Mr Scott said he was counting the seconds between the lightning strikes and the sound of thunder, which is an indicator of how many miles away a storm is with each second roughly equating to a mile.

“For about 20 minutes it was no seconds,” he said. “It was over Spalding.”

Water pooled in the streets and car parks around Spalding and coffee shop Costa was evacuated as water flooded into the shop.

Kirton was another area badly affected.

A spokesman for the county council said today: “Spalding Mallard Road is a private road – so in essence not looked after by the local authority

“In Kirton, LCC are on site – initial investigations show that drainage pipes were working flat out and it looks like a case of too much rainfall too fast for the pipes to cope with.

“As a lead local flood authority, we are now checking all gulleys to make sure they were working as they should. We are working with Anglian Water and the Drainage Board. Sewers will also be checked.

“Also - gulleys and ditches between Kirton/Sutterton were dry, but fields and land were flooded, this points to the sheer amount of rain not being absorbed fast enough.

“The initial thoughts are that there was simply too much rain too fast rather than any failure in systems.”