Spalding Guardian’s John gets mentioned on Look North

TV mention for John Ward
TV mention for John Ward
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GUARDIAN ANGEL: The latest news from our girl about town

Did anyone see Look North on BBC1 on Monday evening? The Spalding Guardian and its amusing columnist John Ward both got a mention during Paul Hudson’s weather forecast.

It seems the popular weatherman has read John’s column, where he questioned the accuracy of forecasts and made special mention of the garish shirts and ties they often seem to wear!

• Did anyone get taken on at the hiring fair in Spalding on Saturday? Angel was in town for coffee with a friend when she spotted the Transported open air theatre going on in Hall Place and stopped to watch. Other people merely walked through the middle of the production, not realising anything was happening!

• More and more people seem to be taking part in the whole Halloween shenanigans. Angel was most impressed by the vampire’s bride and witch’s cat outside the Cancer Research shop.

• Talking of Halloween, a very Gothic-looking house in Spalding was taking part in the fun with a sign inviting anyone who dared to enter... I bet they didn’t get any takers!

• Angel’s friend took her daughter to see Bleu at South Holland Centre in Spalding on Friday and reports that both mother and daughter thought it was a brilliant experience. A great story-telling session was apparently followed by sea-themed crafts before the youngsters went into the theatre where they were able to take part in all kinds of great fun on stage, such as ‘surfing’ on a moving board projected on to the floor or writing in the ‘sands’ before the waves washed their squiggles away. Angel has asked to be allowed to accompany the child next time such a fabulous production comes to town.


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