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Spalding Guardian letters: April 8, 2021

I feel cheated as a voter

I find it extremely amusing and a slap in the face that the South Holland Independents have formed a party.

How can someone be truly independent if they have formed a party. They will argue they have their own views but once you form a party you are no longer able to use the term independent in my opinion.

I have decided that I want an independent Independent, not someone who is in a group or party. If there isn’t one on the ballot sheet I may have to vote for a genuine party in the Conservatives as at least they are what they say they are.

This feels a bit like UKIP, Brexit Party, Reform UK and Change UK. Parties without any substance hoping to tick the box on the ballot paper.

I feel cheated as a voter having an independent party so I may even spoil my ballot paper to vent my frustration.

Neil Sullivan

via email

John Elson's Spalding Guardian cartoon. (45894325)
John Elson's Spalding Guardian cartoon. (45894325)

Committee is stepping down

It is with great regret that due to age, health issues and the fact that they have been unable to get anybody to step into their shoes, the branch committee of Long Sutton Royal British Legion are stepping down.

This means that unless anyone comes forward ( seven people at least required) the branch will close as from June 30. It will be a sad day for Long Sutton and the committee would like to thank everyone for their support over the years.

Please note that this is the branch committee as distinct from the club committee.

Sandra Walker

Long Sutton Royal British Legion Branch Secretary

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: A lesson from farmers

Most of my ancestors were farmers, and relatives still are. You work to prepare the ground and get your crops planted. Even with tractors it is not always easy, but with horses used for centuries it was much slower. There is no immediate payback for all your effort, you are investing in the future, trusting and having to have faith in the outcome. What valuable lessons for life!

You have to trust that the tiny seeds, or frail tiny plants will grow. You have to depend on something beyond your power to control. Some call it just nature, but many see it as a miracle. Patience is vital; an essential lesson for life. You may see your precious crops washed out by too much rain, or shrivelling in the drought, or eaten by pests.

It might be too cold or too hot, too wet or too dry for too long. There is a limit to what you can do, apart from pray as most farmers have for centuries. Many of them were in church or chapel on Sundays before the busy world took time for God away.

Then when it’s harvest time, you have to accept what you have, sometimes a bumper harvest, sometimes sadly and expensively not. Work when the weather lets you. What lessons for life! Hard work, patience, some years better, some worse.

You need diligence, accepting what you have, face the crises knowing they will pass, and accepting there are just some things beyond your control that need loads of patience, trust and faith.

There are valuable lessons to learn from what our ancestors had to live with for generations.

Life often requires lots of hard work for no immediate reward, patience, carrying on in the rough times, being aware that there are some things no amount of work and worry can do much about.

And pray and pray for more trust and faith and for a better future. One last thing, we need each other especially when we face a difficult time. We need to work together.

That is what God designed us to do, and when we do, then he can best help us.

Rev Ian Walters

Vicar of St Peter & St Paul’s Church, Gosberton

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