SPALDING GUARDIAN CHRISTMAS FOODBANK APPEAL: Town school sets its charity record

BRING-A-TIN DAY: Sixth-formers Nina Halgarth, Billi Jackson, Emily Douglas, Katiie Sutton, Abbie Crunkhorn and Imogen Woolf with some of the donations brought to Spalding High School for Agapecare Foodbank. Photo by Tim Wilson. SG081217-113TW.

Spalding High School has set a new record for the Spalding Guardian Christmas Foodbank Appeal by donating more than 1,600 items of tinned food.

Students, staff and parents supported the school’s fourth annual Bring a Tin Day to help Agapecare Foodbank in giving food parcels to individuals and families in need.

We were really overwhelmed with the amount of items collected and the support of the school for a cause like Agapecare Foodbank

Imogen Woolf, sixth form charity committee member, Spalding High School

Imogen Woolf, sixth form charity committee member, said: “The school decided to link the event with our popular Christmas Jumper Day.

“Last year, we collected around 1,300 items which was a very impressive amount then.

“But this year was an even more fantastic effort, having collected over 1,600 food items which included canned items,

cereals and vegetables.

“Considering that we have just over 1,000 students in the school and sixth form combined, we were really overwhelmed with the amount of items collected and the support of the school for this cause.

“Itʼs wonderful to be associated with a cause like Agapecare Foodbank to help us reflect upon the fact that not everyone is so privileged to eat well during the Christmas period.”

Billi Jackson, another sixth-former, said: “We advertised it as much as possible over the last two weeks as we were determined to beat our previous record.

“As a school, we are proud to come together to help support the local community as much as possible.”

Headmistress Michele Anderson said: “This was our fourth annual ‘Bring a Tin’ day in support of Agapecare Foodbank and yet again I am humbled and so, so proud of our school for their commitment to this important local charity.

“Our students, parents and staff have donated over 1,600 items of food to our appeal - the highest number of donations to date.

“This means that in the last four years, we have donated over 5,000 items which enable Agapecare Foodbank to help people within Spalding and the surrounding areas.

We know that we have made a significant and positive impact within our local community and are glad to have made such a contribution.

“I would like to extend my gratitude to all those who have donated items of food and thank you ever so much for your generosity.”

Darren Fawcett, of Agapecare Foodbank, said: “We are so blessed that the school has done this for us and our shelves are so full that we’re trying to find more space for the food.

“Spalding High School has been building on its total year on year, so I don’t know what they are going to do next year.”

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