Spalding group offers alternative cancer treatment advice

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Christine Bowyer-Sopp quotes a chilling fact she says is from Macmillan Cancer Support: one in two of those born after 1965 will develop cancer.

Christine believes the surge in numbers is due to the amount of processed foods in our diet, combined with things like stress, lifestyle choices and pollution.

The alternatives to conventional treatments would seem to support that as many of them are diet-based therapies.

For instance the Gerson Therapy is based on an organic, plant-based diet of raw juices, while the Budwig diet involves eating flaxseed mixed with cottage cheese or milk, as well as fruit and vegetables. There is also the Nori Protocol, a diet that attempts to limit the nutrients necessary to cancer cell survival while supplying adequate nutrients to healthy cells.

The Help Stop Cancer support group will also offer information on cancer prevention, with advice on stress relief and relaxation therapies, and demonstrations on things like juicing. In future, it is hoped that trained mentors can be appointed to people with cancer, and that the group can offer testing to check treatments are working.