Spalding flower shop’s tips for looking after Valentine flowers

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A regular column from Flowers N Things of Spalding.

If you receive beautiful flowers next week you will be keen to know how to make them last as long as possible. These are our top tips for longer vase life.

Fresh cut flowers require water to live. When you buy flowers or have them given to you they have often been out of water for a period of time and the stems are dry, so it is necessary to cut a couple of centimetres from the end, ideally at an angle, before putting them in nice deep water. Cutting at an angle makes it easier for water to enter the stem. Roses in particular draw water through the whole stem so they love deep water. The water will need topping up after a day or two.

Flowers like clean water: strip off leaves below the water line and change water regularly to prolong flower life. Some use hot water, lemonade or aspirin, but a nice clean vase of fresh water and a sachet of flower food is all we recommend. Placing your flowers out of direct sun and away from a heat source will ensure that you can enjoy them for longer.

Fingers crossed your Valentine has got us knocking on your door with flowers for February 14!