Spalding fire-walker helping people move on from domestic abuse

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Give Taz Thornton a fire or broken glass and she’ll walk on it: that takes guts.

But it also takes a form of extreme empowerment that Taz has learned over the past six years or so.

Taz Thornton.

Taz Thornton.

Now, Taz isn’t asking women in the Spalding district to walk through flames, but she does want them to tackle something they will probably find equally tough: moving on from domestic abuse.

Taz is leading a free workshop at Tonic Health in Spalding next Wednesday, September 21, for people who want to start afresh after experiencing domestic abuse in the past. The Unleash Your Awesome event aims to help people deal with feelings of low self-esteem and move on from being labelled a victim.

And the thing is, Taz may be a strong, motivational woman now, but a few years ago that wasn’t the case.

Had anyone met her she would have looked every inch the confident, professional woman, but the business suit Taz wore for her senior role in the world of publishing was a mask. She was finding her high-powered role “crushing for the soul”.

She carried on as normal, even when a series of traumatic blows happened in her personal life, and Taz ended up having a breakdown.

However, she says now: “My breakdown was my break through, the best thing that ever happened to me. I realised something had to change.”

By that stage Taz had already been learning what she calls “life enhancing disciplines”, such as reiki, hypnosis and shamanism, in addition to the kind of training demanded by her job, such as conflict management.

The difference she was able to make to people was the one thing that gave her fulfilment during the hard times.

In the end, with the support of her now wife Asha, of PR agency Turquoise Tiger, Taz left her job. She joined Asha in the business, and that gave Taz the freedom to work with individuals and in corporate situations, teaching shamanism and spiritual development and running Unleash Your Awesome seminars all over the country.

Having also trained in extreme empowerment – learning fire and glass walking – elements of that may be included in her courses too.

• Taz Thornton understands the damage an abusive relationship can have, having experienced it herself.

In fact, the abuse and controlling relationship she was going through a few years ago almost drove Taz to suicide.

That bad experience makes her uniquely suitable for leading the Moving on from domestic abuse workshop in Spalding.

Karen Shooter, county domestic abuse manager, said: “Leaving an abusive relationship can be incredibly difficult, but when people do leave they are often left with negative feelings about themselves. It’s important they are supported to overcome this so they can feel safe and happy again.” To book a place on the workshop email your name and contact details to domestic