Spalding Facebook page on immigration proving popular

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A FACEBOOK group set up to give Spalding people “a voice and a place where they can air their concerns” on immigration has gained more than 200 followers within two days.

Activists are vowing to delete racist posts and focus on what they feel are real issues such as litter and street drinking.

Supporter Aston Perrin, from Donington, said the Spalding Immigration Issues group has similar aims to a Boston protest group, seeking meetings with the council, police, other authorities and the Home Office.

He said the Boston group is doing “a superb job of getting local residents’ concerns heard by those who matter in a civilised, non-racist, non-hostile way”.

Mr Perrin continued: “We hope to be able to give residents a voice and a place where they can air their concerns, with the end goal of turning Spalding back into a welcoming, friendly, vibrant town again that people want to visit.”

He sees local concerns as litter, anti-social behaviour, street drinking and people feeling worried and concerned about going into town.

South Holland District Council leader Coun Gary Porter said he was contacted by the group and was sent 40 pictures of East European drinks cans in the streets – there were no chip wrappers, McDonald’s cartons or cigarette ends.

He said: “All of the litter in Spalding is caused by foreign people, is it? Clearly it isn’t.”

Coun Porter said the council would be willing to meet group members to see if they have genuine concerns or whether they are using it as bandwagon to have a pop at foreign people.

He said: “If people want to set up a group that’s a good thing.”

Coun Porter said many East Europeans work hard and are no trouble. The whole issue of East European immigration was triggered by former Prime Minister Tony Blair who could have signed a piece of paper to stop migrants from coming here within seven years of their countries joining the EU.

Yesterday the Facebook site carried an offensive rant against people from two European nations – accusing them of being filthy, drunk and sleeping rough – and a link to a YouTube clip. The post continued: “To all the weak ‘it’s not their fault brigade’ a big **** off from me you pathetic parasitic worms.”

Site administrator Dean Everitt, the man behind the Boston protest group on immigration, said the woman who posted the material would lose her role as a site administrator.

Mr Everitt said: “She is an administrator on the page. She was. She isn’t any more after that post. I shall be removing it. I don’t condone that racist rubbish on the page.”