Spalding education centre helps students with disappointing results

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More than 1,300 16 to 18 year olds in Lincolnshire have gone missing.

At least, they are no longer in the education system, and they are not working or being trained for work.

The reasons for the number of young people who appear to have slipped off the conventional route from school to further education or work are many and varied.

One may be that school just didn’t fit and the young person left with no qualifications, or possible stayed on and received disappointing exam results.

There are also confidence issues; for some young people, the prospect of further education or going into the workplace is just too daunting.

Thankfully, there is a way that those people – often referred to as NEETs – can gain the qualifications and confidence they need to pick up where they left off on their career paths.

It’s the Nacro Education Centre in Spalding, which offers flexible, roll on-roll off, short study programmes. Critically, each course is tailored to the individual.

Nacro trainer and designated safeguarding officer Zoe Whitmore believes there are unique features about their training methods that make them more appropriate for some young people.

It’s small – there will probably be no more than 36 learners in the building at any one time, which means tutors can be more supportive.

Zoe adds: “Each programme is bespoke to that learner. When I interview them I talk about how they have got on, any issues they have had and how they learn, so we try and tailor what we do to how they learn.

“A lot have come from mainstream school and didn’t enjoy it, whereas we try and give them that enjoyment of learning back.

“Some perhaps don’t have the confidence to go to college, but they are not ready for work and they need that bit of nurturing to get to that next stage.”

The centre offers GCSEs in Maths and English and Functional Skills, as well as coaching in personal and social development and employability, so looking at CV writing and interview techniques.

Just go to the office next to the Job Centre or ring 01775 714105 9am-5pm weekdays.