Spalding drink-driver saved from drowning in river car crash ... and then booked

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A hero dad jumped into a freezing cold river to save a Spalding woman drink-driver when she crashed her car into the water.

Police have thanked Steve Jones (35) for saving the woman’s life ... they also arrested the 58-year-old woman at the scene and later charged her with drink-driving.

Steve (35) heard the splash as the woman careered off the road and plunged into the water.

He sprang from his parents’ sofa and jumped straight in after her, pulling her out of the submerged vehicle to safety.

Steve said: “I heard the splash and knew something had happened. When I ran outside the car was just sinking into the water.

“I knew I had to do something. My father was of the same mindset as me. I told him I had to help. My dad just said ‘go’.

“There could have been children in the car.”

The dad, who works in insurance, was visiting his parents in Wisbech, with his 34-year-old wife Rebecca when the shocking events unravelled at around 9.15pm on Sunday.

He and his father rushed out to the water while Rebecca rang emergency services and his mother got towels and blankets ready for whoever came out of the car.

Steve said: “I went straight into the water and tried to open the doors first of all, but couldn’t.

“Luckily the windows were already smashed, so I went underwater and unlocked the doors and just had a feel around.

“I managed to feel someone in there and pulled them out.

“It could have been an awful lot worse than it was. I just did what any human would do.

“It was completely pitch black. I couldn’t open my eyes either so it was literally by feel.”

Steve said he got the woman on to the bank and she coughed up water before screaming again.

Despite the harrowing sound he said this was a relief because at least he “knew she was alive”.

He checked to ensure she was definitely alone in the car and then stayed with her as medical staff came - using his own body heat and towels to keep her warm.

Despite being “close to hypothermic” he did not go to hospital and has been fine since.

Steve says his main relief is that no one had to make a call to family members to tell them a loved one had died.

He said: “The main thing I think is that woman can hold her family in her arms again.

“No one had to make that horrible phone call and that’s the biggest thing.”

His two-year-old son was asleep in his grandparents’ house throughout the incident - despite the noise of emergency services.

Although describing the events as “terrifying” afterwards, Steve says throughout he was level-headed and calm.

He said: “It’s what they always say, when the adrenaline kicks in you just get on with it.

“Apparently I was extremely calm. I just had to do it.”

Police later tweeted their gratitude to Steve, saying: “Steve, thank you for your life saving actions.”

• The woman charged with drink-driving is due to appear at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on May 17.