Spalding couple with a life-time of music

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The Joystrings stopped performing as a band after just five years – having enjoyed chart success with It’s An Open Secret and On A Starry Night.

Even after Sylvia and Peter were ordained they continued to perform with the group, but eventually the time came to move on.

However, singer Sylvia and bass guitarist Peter have continued to perform and to record throughout their Salvation Army careers all over the world.

Over the years they have performed in Sydney Opera House and, when they were living in South Africa, were asked to do a TV performance and were then given their own Sunday show.

They moved to Spalding around eight years ago when they retired as Salvation Army officers.

They still perform, sometimes singing during services in their role as preachers on the local Methodist Circuit.

In 2013, on the 50th anniversary of The Joystrings’ foundation, Sylvia wrote a book, The Joystrings: The Story of the Salvation Army Pop Group.

The full colour book is available at around £14.85 – order it at Bookmark in Spalding using the ISBN 978-0-85412-906-5.