Spalding couple’s diamond wedding anniversary card from the Queen

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A Spalding couple were recently surprised by a card from The Queen congratulating them on their diamond wedding anniversary.

Harry and Marlis Peacock received the card in the post a week prior to the occasion, which was on March 10.

Harry (80) met Marlis (77) back in 1955 when he was based in Hildesheim, Germany, where he was serving with the Royal Artillery.

Michael Peacock (59) the couple’s eldest son said: “It’s a momentous occasion that is so special.

“We will be celebrating as a family, but to have a card from The Queen made it even more wonderful.

“My dad regularly tells us how he met mum in Germany when he was just 19.

“The first time he saw her was outside a railway station when she was waiting for her sister.”

Mr Peacock returned to England in January 1956, with Marlis following him in the February.

Now living in Spalding together, they got married in March 1956, and an interpreter was needed for the ceremony due to the language barrier.

Sixty years later, Harry and Marlis have four children, nine grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

Mr Peacock said: “Having an interpreter at our wedding was rather funny looking back on it now.

“Sixty years has given us plenty of time to become fluent in both languages.

“She’s been an amazing wife, it’s been an amazing 60 years, and it proves love is the same in any language.”