Spalding clinic offers bespoke treatments

Jo Esdale practices a massage without using hands.
Jo Esdale practices a massage without using hands.
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Jo Esdale offers bespoke treatments to clients using ‘face mapping’ to identify problems on different areas of the face and try to find out what’s causing them.

For instance congestion under the skin along the hairline and eyebrows might be as a result of the shampoo that is being used, or it could be due to poor digestion.

If the skin of the cheeks is sensitive, has broken capillaries or breakouts, there could be allergies or sinus problems, or it might be due to ingredients in make-up.

Jo will talk to clients about their lifestyle to try to identify triggers in conjunction with a treatment, to tackle problems from the inside and outside.

Jo also works with people suffering from stress, anxiety and illness, using therapies that work on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.