Spalding bypass plan ‘should be part of major traffic review’

Coun George Aley
Coun George Aley
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A NEW bypass for the west of Spalding needs to be part of a major review of how to solve traffic congestion in the town, according to a district councillor.

Coun George Aley, who represents the Monks House ward on South Holland District Council believes building a road joining Bourne Road to the B1172 at Spalding Common would just move traffic “from pillar to post” unless traffic flow and the lights system is also addressed.

But Coun Aley, who is also on Spalding Town Forum, believes that as long as the planned bridge over the railway is built in the Holland Park housing development, the bypass is something Spalding needs.

He said: “It is early days at the moment and the provisional plans do not really show where the road would end up, but if it works out well it would be a good thing.

“However, we need the bridge over the railway more than anything else. If the amount of freight coming through town does increase as we have been told it will, it is going to create havoc in town.

“We need to look at the town and its traffic lights to see how it’s set up. The whole thing needs a good shake-up.”

He believes a new bypass would get the support of residents in Spalding and across South Holland.

He said: “I can’t see how it is going to inflict any wounds on anyone. The proposed routes currently go through allotments, but better that than near houses and they can always look at making provision elsewhere.

“I think a bypass would affect everyone in South Holland who uses that side of Spalding and it should help to relieve town centre congestion as long as everyone plays by the rules and uses it.

“If it did push more traffic through Wygate Park, where there are already traffic calming measures, I can’t see it would make a great deal of difference and when they improve the junction of Pinchbeck Road and Woolram Wygate it should help to relieve the tension in the town centre.

“The crux of it is that it needs to be done in conjunction with town planning and highways planning or else it will just move traffic from pillar to post without achieving anything.”

There is currently outline permission for a bridge over the railway line to connect the new 2,250 home Holland Park housing development to Spalding Common.

TRANSPORT campaigners say they are “cautious” about plans for a new bypass for Spalding, and joined calls for a full scale review of the town’s traffic flow.

Spalding and Peterborough Transport Forum chairman George Scott says it will be important to look beyond this one plan - and take into account the possible development of a nearby rail freight hub and proposed extra roads that could come with that, with plans last year suggesting there could be a bypass for the whole of Deeping St Nicholas.

Mr Scott said: “We are cautious because we need to see the full picture of what is being planned for the future in that area. Unfortuantely they tend to do things bit by bit and and you only find out about the second things been approved after the first bit is done.

“It also depends on what it is supposed to replace - at the moment there doesn’t seem to be too much congestion there.”

Mr Scott, who lives in Pinchbeck, also called for forward thinking on the plan - and says that much of the heavy goods traffic does not use the existing eastern bypass, instead passing through Pinchbeck to get to the industrial estate.