Spalding branch RNA president talks about his career

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A regular column from Tulip Radio’s Jan Whitbourn.

Tulip Radio recently spoke to well known RNA stalwart Terry Carter who told us of his time serving on various ships during his service in the Royal Navy.

He spoke of postings in the Far East, the Middle East and Europe serving on a variety of ships ranging from aircraft carriers through destroyers, frigates and ultimately minesweepers where he completed his service for the Crown.

We heard why all ‘Carters’ in the RN are called Nick: he was ‘old Nick’ on one ship while a junior crewman was ‘young Nick’. He spent time in Icelandic waters during the so called Cod Wars and mentioned the ever present Russians who tended to shadow NATO ships with their ‘trawler’ fleet, notable for not having any fishing tackle or ever landing fish, though they sported an impressive array of antenna from bow to stern.

Terry told us of his new job as education officer for water safety for the RNLI charity and how rewarding it is for him as a former seafarer. He’s also president of the Spalding branch of the Royal Naval Association whose aim is to provide help and support for all those who once served in the Royal Navy. He mentioned the recent Trafalgar Day commemoration dinner held annually to remember Admiral Lord Nelson’s victory of 1805.

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