Spalding bookshop’s choice of a good read

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Bookmark in Spalding has selected 101 Things to do Instead of Playing on your Phone, by Ilka Heinemann, as its book of the week.

Ilka Heinemann is the owner of a somewhat outdated smartphone and can’t resist the urge to tap its screen during rare free moments.

She works as an editor at a publishing house and has a passion for books in her private life too.

She couldn’t help noticing that in situations when people used to read books or simply let their minds wander, they are now playing around with their phones.

While travelling on the tube, surrounded by smartphone maniacs, the idea came to her for this book.

Our phones have become a constant distraction; it’s time we put them down and rediscovered the simple art of taking a few minutes out.

This book offers an imaginative list of games and tips aimed at curing us of our portable tech addiction.

More than mere time-killers, these activities include ways to unleash your creative side and train your brain, but above all methods to set you on the road to calm.

The book retails for £5.99 but there is a money off voucher to be used at Bookmark in the Spalding Guardian of October 8.