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Bookmark in Spalding recommends Out of my Depth by Anne Darwin and David Leigh as a good read.

From ordinary housewife to canoe widow, Panama and prison. After years of remaining silent, Anne Darwin finally reveals the truth behind the crime that tore her family apart.

When Anne Darwin told the world and her family that her husband, John, had disappeared while canoeing in the North Sea, her life changed forever. She had just lied to the police, the press, her friends and neighbours, insurance companies and her own sons.

While her husband hid in a bedsit in their rental house next door, Anne had to face the music. She claimed the life insurance payouts, endured the police questioning, accepted the consolations then left the country she loved to start her life again.

But why, when she had been perfectly happy with her lifestyle and knowing her actions would hurt those she held most dear, did she do it?

Now, for the first time, Anne opens up in her book Out Of My Depth, about an extraordinary chain of events: how she became involved in her husband’s hare-brained scheme; her life and marriage; her harrowing time behind bars and the runaway train of deceit and guilt that followed her plan to defraud insurance companies with the aid of a canoe. Her co-author is David Leigh, an award-winning journalist, who developed a remarkable relationship with Anne after uncovering her crime in Panama. Anne’s fee for this book goes directly to the RSPCA and the RNLI.

Out of My Depth retails for £8.99 but there is a 20 per cent discount voucher in the Spalding Guardian of October 20.