Spalding bookshop’s book of the week

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Bookmark in Spalding has selected Adorable Animal Stories to Brighten Your Day by Robert Lodge as its recommended read.

The hamsters that took over a housing estate! The cat that lived up a tree for six years...

Amazing animal tales are reported on the television and in newspapers every day, entertaining, thrilling and delighting us all.

Adorable Animal Stories to Brighten Your Day is the most comprehensive collection of these joyous animal stories ever published.

Humans can learn a thing or two from the animal world about bravery, fortitude, survival and sheer zest for life, as readers will discover in this book.

Inspired by the wonderful courage, and cleverness of our animal friends, this entertaining book is an uplifting collection of amazing but true animal tales.

From the heartwarming and hilarious to the cute and courageous, Adorable Animal Stores to Brighten Your Day is the ultimate celebration of incredible animal antics.

The book is written by Robert Lodge and has a foreword by birder, conservationist, author and comedian Bill Oddie.

The book retails for £7.99 but there is a 20 per cent discount coupon in the Spalding Guardian of September 22.