Spalding blood donor receives recognition

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Spalding Water Taxi pilot Terry Day has potentially saved the lives of up to 225 people.

Terry, who lives in the town, is a blood donor and at a recent ceremony was presented with the Crystal Award for making 75 Whole Blood donations.

The life-saver has no intention of calling it a day and says, if possible, he intends to continue giving blood and hopefully reach 100 donations.

Terry, who is secretary for Spalding branch of the Royal Naval Association, made his first donation in 1971 when he was in the Royal Navy.

The local blood donor team visited HMS Drake, where he was stationed at the time, and asked if he would donate.

Terry says: “I continue to donate because I enjoy helping the community and I feel it is the right thing to do.”

Each blood donation can potentially save the lives of up to three people.

According to NHS Blood and Transplant, out of the four per cent of the eligible population who give blood, only three per cent ever manage to reach 75 donations and just one per cent reach 100.

Anyone who wants to donate for the first time should be aged between 17 and 65, weighing at least 50kg (7st 12lb) and be in general good health.

For those who have donated before, they can start again up to their 70th birthday – there is no upper age limit for donors who have given blood in the last two years.

Call the Donor Line on 0300 123 23 23 or visit