Spalding artist giving back to the animals

Susan Page's zebra.
Susan Page's zebra.
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Susan Page has kept dogs, cats, horses, chickens and chinchillas and at one time would create sculptures of cats and dogs on commission.

She prefers not to do commissions now, but instead produces sculptures of wildlife and in fact these days prefers to focus entirely on endangered species.

The passionate animal lover recently completed a sculpture of two orangutans for exhibition in Holmfirth Artweek.

She feels so strongly about these animals that she says if her sculptures became popular and started selling she would give a percentage of the profits to the Orangutan Foundation.

Susan’s hyenas will be on display in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition along with all kinds of artwork, including painting and photography.

The competition’s manager Nina Neve said: “The sheer diversity of media and form this year has created an extraordinary celebration of the natural world. Deciding between a fox, skilfully crafted from tin, and a classic oil of a brooding tiger will make selecting the overall winner extremely hard.”