Spalding Army Cadet Tyler promoted during 80-foot bridge abseil

Cpl Tyler Fletcher-Smith receives his improvised second stripe!
Cpl Tyler Fletcher-Smith receives his improvised second stripe!
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Spalding Army Cadet Tyler Fletcher-Smith was busy experiencing the adrenaline rush from abseiling 80-foot off an old railway bridge when he heard he had been promoted to corporal.

Tyler (14) was one of 26 cadets from Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force who recently experienced a day of abseiling training at Millers Dale in the Peak District National Park.

This is a popular venue to experience the thrill of abseiling as it involves descending off an old railway bridge over the fast-flowing River Wye, giving cadets a close-up view of the pillars and arches that span the narrow gorge.

Tyler said: “When I joined the Army Cadets I never thought I’d be hanging from a bridge, let alone be promoted to corporal!

“I absolutely loved the abseiling experience and the promotion added to my enjoyment of a truly great day.”

Only a few metres into Tyler’s thrilling descent, Spalding’s Detachment Commander, Second Lieutenant Mel Amara-Carnell, informed him of his promotion and soon afterwards presented him with an imaginatively improvised second stripe (see picture)!

But it was not just the new corporal who experienced a memorable day.

“Every single cadet dug deep and showed true courage, climbing over the railing and stepping off the side,” said Second Lieutenant Amara-Carnell.

“Tyler’s promotion ‘ceremony’ capped a special day. He stepped off the top a lance corporal and landed at the bottom a corporal!”

Adventurous training such as abseiling is an important ingredient of cadet life.

Anyone interesting in getting involved, either as an adult instructor or a cadet, should visit or telephone 01522 528109.