Spalding and District Civic Society: Then and Now

New Road in Spalding in 1960.
New Road in Spalding in 1960.
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In Westlode Street, the only obvious difference is that of Leverton’s showroom on the right of the photograph, which is now Broadgate House.

The Art-Deco Savoy cinema is one of the few to survive and is now a bingo hall, but is looking a little faded. Our first cinema, the Princess, survives next door.

In the previous two centuries, this area saw many changes. From Roman times until the early 19th century, the Westlode, a drainage channel, ran from Pode Hole through Spalding to join the Welland at the end of Westlode Street near the old fire station (now a


There were several foot bridges over the Westlode , as well as a wagon bridge at the bottom of Red Lion Street. When the new steam pumping station was built at Pode Hole in 1826 the Westlode was redundant and became foul with sewage. One of the first duties of the newly formed Spalding Improvement Commissioners was to remove the health risk by filling in the watercourse.

The section from New Road to Winsover Road was built on and the rest became the extra wide road we now have. The Tuesday beast market was held in New Road until 1938 when the new cattle market was opened.

During the 1950s, when new properties were being built at the end of Red Lion Street, adjoining New Road, workmen unearthed part of the remains of the former prison, which existed before a larger Victorian prison was built overlooking the Sheep Market.

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