Spalding 60s band excited by tapes find

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Old recording master tapes of precious original songs written by Sounds Force 5 band members in 1966 have been unearthed.

John Wellband, owner of Welec in Spalding, recorded the band at his Donington home and nothing had been heard of the tapes since then.

After discovering them in his archives, John has put the tapes on to CD and the band’s original drummer Colin Ward said they might remix some and one could even be a hit single.

Colin said: “It is wonderful news. John recorded the band at his home way back in 1966 and we’ve not heard anything of the tapes since then.

“The recordings will be so precious to us all as they contain some original songs written by members of the band.

“We are considering our next move and could even remix one or two of them with today’s technology. One of the songs, MR Love, written by bass player Alan Turnell is and could still be a hit in its own right, and even a possible contender for the Eurovision Song Contest.

“To say we are over the moon with Mr Wellband’s find is an understatement. It is unbelievable to think they’ve been found after almost 50 years.”