South Lincolnshire Green Party launches its ‘Stay in Europe’ campaign

The Green Party launches its local campaign. ANL-160323-100128001
The Green Party launches its local campaign. ANL-160323-100128001
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Green Party supporters in South Lincolnshire have pledged to campaign for a vote in favour of the UK’s continued membership of the European Union in the referendum on June 23.

The South Lincolnshire campaign was launched at Stamford Arts Centre.

The meeting was attended by Kat Boettge (fifth from right), recently selected as Green Party lead candidate for the East Midlands in the next Euro elections.

She told members:”I‘m voting to stay in the EU because we need international solutions to many of the most important challenges we face, including climate change, refugees fleeing war, reducing poverty and multinational corporations avoiding taxes.

“The EU might not be perfect, but as long as we remain a part of the EU we can fight for reform to make it more democratic, open and accountable to its people.”

Kat stressed that the combined European Green Parties make up the fifth largest party in the European Parliament. The Parliament, in consultation with member states, has already brought many positive improvements to the UK, including workers’ rights and the environment.

Membership of the EU has also given us the freedom to live, study, work and retire across an entire continent, she said. Some two million UK nationals live and work in the EU with access to other countries’ welfare benefits and public services.

The Green Party supports working together with other political parties to ensure an informed debate.

The South Lincolnshire Green Party will be arranging public events in forthcoming weeks as part of the local EU referendum campaign.